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I have been building websites for over 15 years, and my team and I specialize in WordPress. In my experience WordPress is an amazing tool if used correctly.  

Does your website have a lot of problems every time it’s updated? Do you have server problems every time you have a peak on traffic? These are common problems when a website uses a clunky Theme or Page Builder.

The good news is that we can rebuild your website using GeneratePress or Kadence Blocks and use 80% less code/scripts as these two tools are known to be very lightweight and well coded.

If you have a WooCommerce Store and you have speed problems, want to convert your store, or need custom development, visit fixelar.com our solution to all WooCommerce problems.

This is how we are helping WordPress website owners to speed up their websites and maximize their visitors’ experience and improve PageSpeed and Lighthouse scores.

In the end, no one likes slow websites.

Victor Castillejos

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3 times less code

On average per project

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On average per project

Way less Plugins

Less future problems

90+ Core Web Vitals Scores

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