We are WP Boosters

We are WP Boosters

We are a group of developers that love WordPress. We have been working with WordPress for around 10 years and have seen a lot of beautiful designs. Unfortunately these websites were built with builders and no one thought about speed.

We used to offer speed optimization services for WordPress sites, and in most cases we achieved respectable loading speeds. But now Core Web Vitals requires efficient sites, and the only way to get satisfactory CWV scores is to avoid using builders.

The good news is that GeneratePress or Kadence Blocks can finally give us the tools to have fast loading speeds. Using Generate or Kadence Blocks is the best way to have a fast, lightweight site that doesn’t need extensive speed optimizations.

That’s how we are helping WordPress website owners to speed up their websites and maximize their visitors’ experience and improve their website rankings.

In the end, no one likes slow websites.

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