WordPress Speed Optimizations Services

Having a slow WordPress site hurts your business. If your website is slow then users and customers will leave.

This means lower conversion rates and less money.

Speed matters because

  • Google gives fast-loading websites better rankings
  • People spend a longer time on your site if it loads fast
  • Better user experience
    • If we cannot improve your website speed, we will fully refund your payment

    Try our WordPress Speed Optimization Services

    Your website will be fine-tuned to load as quickly as possible...

    • Remove Unused Code

      This saves bytes and minimizes bandwidth use.

    • Image CSS Sprites

      We combine all your theme images with image sprites.

    • Combine CSS & JS Files

      We will significantly save HTTP requests.

    • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

      By using a CDN your visitors will get faster load times.

    • Image Optimization

      We compress and resize images to reduce file size.

    • Minify code (CSS, JS, HTML)

      Eliminates unnecessary bytes like spaces, breaks and indentation.


    Improve your WordPress site speed today!

    Here’s how the WordPress Speed Optimization works
    • Purchase the WordPress Site Speed Optimization package of your choice.

    • We will contact you by email requesting the WordPress admin login and the website FTP details.

    • We will do the Speed Optimization of your website at a mutually convenient time (we’ll do our best to meet your choice of timing).

    • You can then change your passwords to something different once the Speed Optimization has been done.

    If you are not sure about which WordPress Speed Optimization package is right for you, please contact us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you want to check your website speed?
    The below two tools will tell you how fast or slow your website is.
    GT Metrix
    Web Page Test

    Do you do Site Speed Optmization for WordPress MultiSite (WPMU)?
    We do not do site speed optimization for WPMU. The WPMU platform does not enable us to completely optimize the website, mainly because performance plug-ins get easily broken by the multi-user environment. Currently, we can offer site speed optimization for stand-alone WordPress websites only.

    Do you guarantee improvement in the site’s performance?
    Although we can generally improve the speed, we cannot guarantee an improvement. When clients come to us with site performance problems such as a very slow website (more than 10 seconds to load), the reason is more than likely a poorly configured web server. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed with plug-ins or performance tweaks. If we cannot improve your website speed. We will fully refund your payment.

    If you want to see if our Site Speed Optmization Services would work, then please contact us first.

    Our Guarantee

    If we cannot improve your website speed. We will fully refund your payment